Dave Sherva

Dave Sherva


My name is Dave Sherva and I am the owner of the Local Lead Wrangler. The company was born out of a hobby and a love of the internet.

I began writing blog posts and shooting videos related to my many hobbies and noticed I was getting emails and comments and even phone calls from people who viewed the content.

What happened was Google was listing my posts on the first page of the search results for keywords like “Ringneck dove facts” and terms relating to gardening and the outdoors.

google 1st page ranking

Then a light went on. How about trying to help out a family member with their small business website. I applied the same techniques and kept learning about SEO and web design and soon this car wash was getting a lot more calls and visitors to their website.

So I began offering my services to other friends who owned businesses and it has grown from there.